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We are a full service company – Effective Print Marketing, Exceptional Online Marketing, Reputation Management, and everything that goes into marketing your practice, and ensuring you are comprehensive in your marketing approach. With a Platinum Dental website, you get a professional site with cutting edge design without the big price tag. We design your site with the latest technology and optimized for what’s important to your practice – new patients. Building a new, fresh website can help your practice in many ways – more effective offline marketing, having a strong online presence, easily build online campaigns and much more.

Online Marketing

With our decades of experience, we will take care of the marketing for you. We handle the heavy lifting when it comes to the day to day actions that will get you more qualified visitors to your site. We know what works. Your new site will bring in new patients – leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Search Engine Optimization. We get you ranked #1 on Google in less than 3 months

We bring customers to your website by our tools and get them converted

We send you reports on how your website is functioning every month

We help your presence on social media to bring more traffic to your website

Convert more

We build you a site that will both get people to it and get them to contact you through the site.

Mobile friendly

Your site will be designed with mobile devices in mind. Over 50% of inquiries come from mobile devices nowadays.

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Suited To Your Needs

Growing Pains?

Are you having trouble getting new patients? We have strategies that will bring in more.

Getting Over The Hump

Are you struggling to get to that next phase in your growth? We can help you get there.

Super Practice or Multi Practice

Do you have a super practice or multiple practices and need guidance on how best to market? We can help.

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