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Read some of the amazing successes and experiences our clients have had using programs with Platinum Dental Marketing.

Multicultural New Patients or Customers

An Abundance of New Patients!


“We scheduled 15 new patients in the first week after sending out the first mailing.”


– Dr. F.



Get the most from your marketing. Use our targeted income lists and flood your practice with new patients who can afford the care they need.

Targeted Income Mailing

“We routinely get 4-5 new patients per day.” – Dr. P.


“We received 11 new patient calls within 2 days [from our first mailing].” – Dr. D.


“We scheduled 15 new patients in the first week after sending out the first mailing.” – Dr. F.



" New Patients have gone up from the usual 8 - 10 per month to 45 per month. This is a five-fold increase in quality, fee-for-service new patients." - Dr. V.


“Almost immediately after implementing the marketing, our new patients changed from those who couldn’t afford our services to those who could.” – Dr. N.


I get about 35 - 40 quality new patients per month, who can afford their needed care and are paying for it." - Dr. O.


“This has worked better than any other marketing I have ever done.” – Dr. J.


“The marketing program resulted in a 50% increase in my new patients within 6 weeks.” – Dr. M.“Within six months of starting the program, my new patients had tripled.” – Dr. R.


“These postcards are what has kept me in business.” – Dr. K.


"Unbelievable response to mailers. At staff meeting today we confessed that we’re almost sick of new patients!!!!! Overwhelming response as many as 8 to 10 new people a day.” –Dr. B


“After 6 weeks of mailing, I saw 53 new patients.” - Dr. G.


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