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About Us

Helping dentists get what they need: Qualified New Patients

Started by 25-year veteran dental consultants who know how vital it is that dental offices get enough Qualified New Patients in order to meet their practice goals.

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Research over the past twenty five years has confirmed this fact – correctly done direct mail marketing works. It can and will bring in a steady stream of patients who can afford the care they need, but only if it is done right.

Executing a Marketing Campaign

It takes experience and know-how to execute an effective marketing campaign. This is the advantage we provide. Timing and reliability is also vital to making it work. At Platinum we will get  your marketing done 100% correctly, in a timely manner, and for the least possible cost.


Finding what was needed and wanted

Our clients needed economical marketing that would bring in financially qualified new patients, in a sufficient and steady volume.


To accomplish this, we started with a comprehensive market research analysis. We surveyed over 100,000 dental patients to find out what they most wanted from a dentist, and dentistry. And we found out. (It isn’t a “good looking smile.” Advertising a “good looking smile”, or variations thereof is money down the drain.)


Then we created marketing products based on the results of our marketing analysis. These products have proven, through years of use in hundreds of practices, to do exactly what was envisioned: Bring in the volume of financially qualified patients our clients needed to succeed.


We worked out how to make our marketing as economical as possible. We have found our prices to be unparalleled in the dental marketing industry. That's why we are able to give our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE.

The Final Result

We have statistically proven that the correct use of our marketing materials produces the highest response rate of quality new patients that we have seen, versus any other methods or materials our clients have tried, and thus the best return on investment.


All of our marketing products and services can be individually tailored to precisely meet your needs, your specific situation. It is not a case of “one size fits all”.


For pricing and more information call 1-877-373-4459.


Client Success

Monthly New Patients Increased by More than 4 Times!


"I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for finding your marketing program.  I believe it saved our business in 2011.  Just what I was hoping for! We had an average of 22 new patients a month since March 1st when our first cards went out. [Previous average was 5.] I am hoping to hire, so that we can increase our production even more.  Looking forward to working with you in 2012."

- T.E., Office Manager



Get the most from your marketing. Use our targeted income lists and flood your practice with new patients who can afford the care they need.

Targeted Income Mailing

Best Price Guarantee!


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no hidden costs

no up front fees


If you find a lower price on the same product, we will beat it. Guaranteed.

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